What does it takes to become a model ?

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The new and arising models frequently ask what they really have to become one of the famous faces among billboard and magazines.

And most probably the answer here is to be beautiful, slender and at the same time tall that will goes along on the perfect proportions of their body.

But if think you haven’t had these criteria, you don’t have to be frustrated because there are still many areas which you can obtain what you want to achieve for so long. The industry of modelling has a great demand on different shapes and sizes. It is ranging from the models you typically seen on the runways of Milan and Paris down to the TV commercials. The thing here is that you just need to find the most suitable area for you. The following list of the various types of modelling work which is available in the industry and at the same time their respective criteria.

  • High Fashion

Typically, this area is consisting very tall and lean figures which gracefully sway on the different runways of the well-known editorials as well designers. This is what you call high fashion. Generally, the models needs to be between 172cm to 180cm, having a dress size of four to six US and having the usual bust size of 34. Their age may range from 14-25. But for guys out there, they are much flexible and can begin their modelling career on the age of 16 to their late 40’s, depending how they handle their body and skin. They are required to have a height between 180cm to 188cm and must possess the prefect physique and appropriate chest size measuring 94cm to 106cm and around 76cm to 81cm.

  • Commercial Print

This is one of the large markets which hold most of the print advertisement industry. Generally, it is ranging from the products in the convenience store down to the advertisements on the magazines.  The good thing about Commercial print is that you have wide variety of audience. P

  • Editorial Print

This is perfect for the magazine editorials and at the same time covers such as Vogue or Elle. Similar to the standard requirements set by the high fashion modelling, editorial sector also requires the photogenic presence.

  • Catalogue modelling

Companies needs to construct catalogues in order to make a sale on their news clothing line or on its other products and it is the job of the model to make their reputation look good. Through the catalogue modelling, models can get several opportunities in various types of the industry. Generally, the model is selected to represent the audience being targeted. With today’s technology, there are numerous websites which need models to have a representation of their goods online.

These are just some of the areas you can choose from such as TV commercials, body parts models, plus size modelling and glamour modelling and etc. What is important is that you can be able to identify and you might end joining the crowd with Kate Moss or Heidi Klum.

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