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We’re looking to create some films for social media for a client of ours.
We’re looking to interview up to 8 people who have diabetes. The exact brief

Budgeted Incentives are as follows – if you can make this work great, if not
please let me know costs/timeline etc.

Casting – we can pay you guys a casting fee of £90 per person who you send
over (max. 8)
Incentives for the patients are £100 per respondent who attends the
casting/Skype Call and then the shoot (max. 8)


DIABETES PATIENTS: that have to inject insulin and self-test their blood
glucose at least 10 times per week. If you could secure people who use Bayer
metre to measure their blood glucose levels that would be amazing, if not we
can open the spec to other brands.

Ideally we’re looking for a mix of genders and ethnicities. We’d like people
who have diabetes and also we’d be interested in professionals who care for
patients with diabetes, nurses etc. We’d also like a parent of a child with
diabetes – sorry to be so specific. The age range for this is between 20 and
45 years old.

They must also be comfortable in front of a camera, articulate and confident
discussing their diabetes/child/job and have a presentable appearance.

We won’t have a wardrobe or make-up department so they’ll need to wear their
own clothes on the shoot day.

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