The University College London tutor and model whose ripped physique has turned him into an Instagram sensation

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A university tutor who moonlights as an underwear model has been dubbed Britain’s sexiest maths teacher.

Pietro Boselli, a tutor at University College London, has gained thousands of fans online after sharing pictures of his ripped body on Instagram.

The 26-year-old academic claims he tried to keep his other career a secret from his colleagues but was forced to reveal his identity after students began taking photographs of him in lectures.

He now has almost half a million followers on Instagram, where he regularly posts pictures of himself wearing just his pants.

He told the Times: “I thought they were coming to my lessons because they wanted to learn something. Then I saw people taking sneaky pictures of me and I’d be like, why are you taking pictures? I’ve prepared this lesson for you and you don’t care?”

He continued: “At first I didn’t notice that more people were coming to my lectures because it was a big class of 120, but I’ve been told that people from other departments were coming because they saw me on Facebook.”

Italian-born Boselli, who is signed to agency Models 1, has a first class degree in mechanical engineering from UCL. He now teaches maths to undergraduate engineering students in their second year at the university.

He told the Times he was embarrassed about how those in the academic world would perceive him if they discovered he was modelling for designer brands.

He now plans to use the money from his modelling success to start an engineering consultancy, the newspaper reported.

He said: “In a way, I was ashamed. I thought people in academia would look down on me.

“People can be prejudiced, people can be jealous. It’s usually people who are higher than you, professors. I had this fear of being looked down on”.

On his Instagram page, fans have suggested Boselli’s looks would be a distraction if they were taught by him.

One user wrote: “He’s so good lookin’ and a friggin genius. I feel inspired. Let’s study.”

Another said: “He teaches maths in the UCL. Oh my god. Imagine being taught by him.”

And one woman wrote: “I have a great Idea: You come to Germany and teach my Class! Only my class!!”

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