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Casting: 30th March 2016, London (Studio location TBC)

Shoot: 13th or 14th April 2016 (1 day)

Fee/ Buyout: £2,500 + 20% – all media inc online, Worldwide


MODELS REPRESENTATIVE OF A CROSS SECTION OF REAL PEOPLE: Specsavers is for everyone so our models will be need to be representative of real people. We want consumers to be able to relate to them. Attractive, but they must have character (A friendly warmth with a dose of interesting, capable of bringing some energy to the shoot, but NOT zany or oddly distracting). We’re looking to find models that represent the core customer base, male and  females aged mid-40 to 70+. A diverse set of models is required to reflect customers around the globe: blondes, brunettes, white or grey haired, Indian-Asian, North African and Afro-Caribbean. This photographer really likes shooting very natural shots, with genuine relationships.. If you have any clients that would like to cast with real family or friends, we are happy to see those submissions too, thank you.

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