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Fees: Shoot fee: £400 all in adults / £200 all in under 16’s. Usage fee:
£1500 all in adults / £750 all in under 16’s. Usage: All Media (to include
but not limited to POS, Press, Outdoor,
Digital, Web, Social and In-Store Communications) – Worldwide – 2 Years – *

Specsavers is for everyone so the models will range from kids to over 60’s
and needs to be representative of real people. We want consumers to be able
to relate to them.

While they need to be ‘real’ people – obviously, they should be on the
attractive side. They must have character (Friendly, warm, interesting &
capable of bringing some energy to the shoot, but NOT zany or oddly
distracting). Models required don’t necessarily have to be the age they
represent, just need to look like they do.

Specsavers are trying to move away from their previous print advertising.
They want to portray a more “real” feel to the models. Heather Favell is
shooting this – and her style is very much about relationships between the
models. So we are actively casting couples; families; friends; colleagues,
etc. Anyone that already has a rapport & can hang out all day, chatting,
laughing & being loosely photographed. Please note on suggestions those that
know each other – thanks. Please feel free to submit amateur shots of
non-professionals – any friends etc that may like to participate. This
really will be a casual shooting style & the less posed the models are – the

Suggstions please for:

MALE: OVER 60 & FEMALE: OVER 60: Would be great if we could cast a real
couple, or friends – but not imperative, as long as they are confident to
hang out with each other all day & interact like they really know each
other. They should be attractive & well-groomed – but we are NOT looking for
the really glam models Specsavers have previously used.

NORTH AFRICAN MALE: OVER 45 & 2 FEMALES: OVER 45. Could be friends,
partners, family, etc. Again, they should be attractive – but not obviously
modelly & not people we would have seen lots before.

MALE OVER 25 & FEMALE OVER 25: Could have beards (the men, silly!) be a bit
trendy, just not too obviously London – as this is a global campaign.

MALE OR FEMALE STUDENT / TEEN: Late teens – over 16yrs please, so we can
avoid the licencing issues. Should look 15-19yrs please.

MALE : Under 12 & FEMALE: Under 12: Key age, should look 8-10 ( prob more
towards 8yrs old)

Ethnicity: Primarily we are looking for Caucasian models but as we need to
be representing reality, we need to try and reflect the modern, cosmopolitan
world we live in. So, in short, as broad a mix as possible. What we do know
is that our Nordic market likes a blonde Caucasian model and our Dutch
market has requested a North African model.

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