Special guest models announced for Fashfest

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They’re more comfortable in trainers and gym gear, but Jenna Douros and Grace Gill will swap them for couture and makeup at this year’s Canberra Fashfest.

Douros, a fitness model and blogger, and Gill, a professional soccer player, have been revealed as special guest models for the four-day fashion event.

They will be joined by professional boxer Adriana Smith, hurdler Lauren Wells and 2014 Miss World Australia ACT Kate Goodwin.

It’s the first time on the catwalk for both women, who admit they’re excited but nervous.

“It’s kind of a little left field for me, out of my comfort zone, but definitely something I’m interested in doing,” said Gill.

“I’m nervous but at the same time I see that as a challenge and I like to put myself in that situation where I do something that stretches me a little.”

Both cite walking down the runway in heels as their biggest concern.

“I’m not sure how they’ll go about getting sports girls into heels but I mean that said we’re actually really coordinated and can walk and actually potentially run in heels so there is that option,” said Gill.

Douros said that while she’s, “more comfortable in Nikes”, she thinks the heels will at least help her blend in with the rest of the models.

“I’m a little bit short, so I think it goes against a typical runway model and the way I’m built. Some of the girls, they’re all stunning but they’re so tall. I’m like, ‘give me some height’,” she said.

It will be the first time to Fashfest for both women. While they’re yet to confirm which designers they’ll be walking for, Douros has already ruled out category.

“They asked me about the lingerie and I said, ‘probably maybe skip that one thank you’,” she said.

Gill said she’s still undecided.

“There is talk of lingerie as well and I’m kind of terrified about that – I haven’t confirmed either way yet,” Gill said.

Fashfest is on May 13-16 at the National Convention Centre Canberra. Tickets on sale now at fashfest.com.au.

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