Photo shoot for HSBC

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Photo shoot for HSBC

Fee: £300 per shoot day

£3000 buyout

Usage: All media excluding TV worldwide for 3 years plus 20% agency fee

Rates are plus 20% Agency fee.


BEST MAN: Male aged in his 30s he could be Israeli, Greek, Turkish or Latin
(please see ref pictures below)

He is the Best man at a wedding. He is characterful looking not handsome.


Jason Biggs

Simon Bird

CAT ON HEAD MAN: Male aged early 20’s, Mediterranean looking
Must like cats and NOT be allergic

SAME SEX FEMALE COUPLE: Attractive looking women aged 30s Caucasian.

Happy to play the role of a same sex couple, If you have real couples that’s
great but PLEASE also suggest single women happy to play the role (we see
them getting married) it does not matter if suggestions are heterosexual or

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