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Want to subvert their own style, not only through face-lifts, bleaching, peeling, or buried in the silica gel under the skin can be achieved! In fact, sometimes, just a change in hairstyle, eye shadow, or change color, stick a fake eyelash can completely change your style, make you look shines!

1: change color, change a color. We all know that is not conducive to care too much sun, but out of tan camouflage it makes you look. Tip: If would like to occasionally pretend a bronze, you can use the bronze powder. Before the coated layer on the makeup loose powder, foundation to prevent the bronze bond or wrinkle, and then use oversized brushes sweep the powder on the face evenly. Hairline chins, neck, and around the ears do not overlook. MAC Cosmetics fluid foundation still pretty fit me this face is very dry, and easy to mix the oil with the person, very moist.

2: pick a fresh eye shadow. If you have been accustomed to use neutral colors to dress up your eyes, I suggest you try the bright colors for models. Tip: blue, green, orange or purple eye shadow, makes you look more overhangs, painted them in color, you can even do not lash line, just like in the orbital painted. Principle to keep in mind: keep the bottom to top from deep to shallow painted the color of eye shadow. Avoid layering is not graded, that will make your eyes look puffy and no spirit. MAC Cosmetics Eye shadow color and full, exquisite opaque, easy shading, color and luster is ablaze, and easily discoloration or off powder! Very young chi one of color, each only need by hand touched take a little bit, then was coloring. Very durable, won’t accumulation in double-fold eyelid place.

3: so lip color brightly up. We have been accustomed to decorate with a touch of lip gloss lips, in fact, this season, vivid colors of red lipstick is the most eye-catching IN’s. Tip: Red lipstick makes you look more feminine, sexier, correct point. Do not worry too much eye-catching color, you painted a good lipstick and be sure to mouth with a tissue or your finger to the edge of polished fuzzy point, make your lips look more natural color. MAC Cosmetics Outlet “like water through the gloss,” is a liquid lip gloss, water-like special material, only brings the supernatural Baotou ruddy color of lips, as if your natural lip color, while maintaining the texture of dry lips. Its special long-lasting formula, can abiding do not take off makeup, let you all day has just been kissed of tender lips!

Fast and effective method for five minutes makeup

Lips: Apply lipstick first with a thin layer of pink meat, and then touch fingertips, making lips the color absorbed very well. Apply Lip Gloss: Lip Gloss coated, even off the makeup, the lips will not be bloodless, remember that on a regular basis to maintain the depth of the lips, oh.

Eye: Pay muzzle makeup, the first use of oil absorption force is powerful, softness high oil absorption by to float oil. Use puff dipped in powder, to press the techniques, the powder into skin texture according to finish, fill in the mirror and see whether uniform.

Cheek: wipe smudges part of the first cotton swab dipped in water get a little wet, wipe away smudges on the lower eyelids mascara. Powder puff sponge dipped then folded. Angular press evenly with the lower lid just wipes off the powder to make up, pay attention not to stick the lashes on the powder.

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