Music video for SLAVES

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Music video for SLAVES – Cheer up London

Fee: £100 all in for 8-10 hour working day


BUSINESS MAN/RECORD EXEC TYPE: Successful, ruthless man driving flash car.
Think banker type or record exec
with too much spare change.

Alpha male type, larger build (not fat), late 30’s early 40’s, white male.
We need a good performance from whoever we cast so favor ability over

SERIOUS CYCLIST: Male, Athletic early 30’s cyclist. The kind of guy who
tries to beat his personal best on the way to work.

CHEERLEADERS: 21 – 25. Five girls wearing custom slave outfits, a little
like the ones in Nirvanas
‘Teen Spirit’ video. Early – mid twenties, athletic, attractive, dancers by

We imagine the group performing a basic routine, so think there is room to
create our own squad if a proper cheerleading squad does not fit the brief.

Note- one of the cheerleaders will be required to kiss member of the band.

Needs to look confident and believable.

4 X BANKERS: London bankers. 20’s – early 30’s. Range of ethnicities and

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