Models are sharing their hatred for their chosen career on Whisper app

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Genetically blessed with beautiful faces, most models induce envy with their Instagram profiles full of far-flung locations for photo-shoots, free designer wardrobes and invites to star-studded events.

But behind the gloss there is a different story, according to several anonymous confessions from professional models.

Men and women have posted their secret hatred of the dream job on Whisper – an app that allows users to send messages anonymously – with many having trouble finding a partner, facing prejudice from others and even being insecure about their looks, despite their striking bone structure.

Many say they face prejudice from other people outside of the industry for their pretty faces and the stereotype of models as stupid and arrogant.

One woman even goes as far as saying she receives hate for her profession.

Although she weighs up the plus-side, being called ‘stunning’ every day, the model claims she receives plenty of negative attention.

Another model, who was born with the height advantage necessary for the catwalk, complained that her career choice was purely down to feeling like her height is a burden.

She wrote: ‘The truth is I just do it to be around taller people than myself.

‘I hate being around short people because I feel like a freak. I’m a girl.’

Other women in the modelling world share their fear of being a trophy for new boyfriends who want to boast of dating a model.

One woman says she thinks men only date her because she models and she has ‘a personality if you bother to find out.’

Many of the models hate others assuming they’re confident about their body.

One woman said: ‘I’m 5′ 9″ and I model but I’m still deathly insecure about every part of me.’

Another tried to hide from new people their modelling career.

The user said although people assume she must be over-confident because of their profession, she ‘get[s] insecure too, believe it or not.’

A male model uses the app to confess he feels ‘trapped’ because he doesn’t have any of the skills for a normal job.

But the rules he has to follow for his diet and fitness mean he hates modelling.

Although you’d assume models would have men lining up to wine and dine them, most of the confessions paint a different picture.

One model claims on Whisper that men treat her differently once they know her job and another says she tried to hide it because she doesn’t want to be ‘used’ by men.

But one woman goes as far as saying her friends actually get more male attention.

She writes: ‘I feel as if no one looks at me and everyone keeps finding my friends more attractive.’

Surprisingly, male models revealed they also suffer from crippling insecurity from their looks.

One man said he had been working towards becoming a model for years but after signing with an agency he still feels unattractive.

A gripe of many models was being told they had an easy life, with one arguing their hectic schedules and long periods without jobs caused paranoia and extreme stress.

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