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Please pass on to friends etc, we really only want people who are passionate
about cooking.  If you could send photos in of people that are not model
cards that would be great as well as their model cards, perhaps cooking.


Most importantly we are looking for people who have an infectious passion for each cooking moment. That way, their love of the process will feel more genuine and authentic. We are looking for people who are really passionate about cooking.

We think they should have expressive faces. This is about how cooking makes you feel. Artistic, surprised, daring etc. We need people who can reflect those moods.

Casting: Wednesday 23rd March in Central London
between one and seven.

Shoot: 21st and 22nd April.

Fee: £500 bsf. If recognisable the buy out is £1500.

Usage USAGE: INTERNET including, but not
limited to SOCIAL MEDIA (material will be posted and re-posted during the
duration of the campaign only. Global by its nature) ALL ATL & BTL PRINT
incl. PRESS, OOH, DOOH, POS, PR, EVENTS Online media – Global by nature All
other media – UK, Middle East & Sweden 12 months usage for each territory
(if picked up within first 24 months after first market’s term commences)
There are many other usage options at a later date which I will forward to
you when requesting to see people at the casting.

Please note we only want actors that really have an interest in food
and cooking, and they will have to portray this at the casting.

This is a global campaign encouraging cooks of all levels and
nationalities, and ages.

Please see:

WE ONLY want actors that have a passion for cooking, and we will be
getting them to improvise their cooking skills at the casting on Wednesday.


MUSHROOM EXECUTION: aged 27 – 34. We are looking for a male or female who are slight in
stature for this, they will be tossing mushrooms. They are a young
professional and not taller than five foot ten. They can be any ethnicity.

CAKE EXECUTION: aged 55 – 65. We are looking for an older male for this role. He is
icing a cake, and he is playful, Pollock like, expressive, inner child,
frantic. We will go for lots of flick or one singular dollop while icing the
cake. He has an artistic leaning and he is sixty plus.

CAKE EXECUTION 2: We are looking for a middle Eastern woman for the cake
execution, again she would probably be wearing a head scarf. She can be any
age but again has to have a passion for cooking.

BBQ EXECUTION: Here we have a dad who is mad a bout BBQing. He is in a
devilish mood, mad eyed, fiery, slightly pyromaniac. He is in his late
thirties to early forties.

DOUGH EXECUTION: 30 – 40. Here we are looking for a male with boxer like
qualities and large hands which will be able to stretch and pummel the
dough. He could possibly have a darker skin tone which would be great but
open to all ethnicities. He is physical, energetic, forceful, BOOOOOMMMM.

DOUGH EXECUTION 2: Here we are thinking that we would get a slighter
female, who is 30 to 40, any ethnicity for this.

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