‘I’m an international model now’ – James Corden swaps chat shows for the Burberry catwalk

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Does James Corden, the British actor and comedian winning over American audiences as the new host of The Late Late Show, already have a new job?

If this sketch of his turn in the Burberry show staged in Los Angeles last week reveals, he may well be onto a new catwalk career – especially with endorsement from company boss Christopher Bailey and supermodel Naomi Campbell as a mentor.

“Should I sass the turn?” he anxiously asked Campbell ahead of the show, which included the entire Beckham family, Elton John, Mila Kunis, Jason Statham and half the cast of Mad Men on its front row.

A bag of nerves, backstage the 36-year-old could be overheard muttering, “Have I got time to make myself throw-up?” and “Has anyone got a pair of Spanx?”

Clearly lying about the amount of time he claims to have spent at the gym, he threw a diva strop just before stepping on the runway, and his request was like none of the other models’, shouting: “Someone get me a pastry! I need a pastry! Get me a Danish now – someone get me a Danish!”

Adrenaline kicking in, at one point he tells the camera: “I feel sad that I am going to have to let the Late Late show go, but I’m an international model now.”

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