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Shoot: “Father/daughter”:

RATES per person

Shoot fees £400 per 12 hour day + 20%

Travel/rest/down/rehearsal days £200 per day + 20%

Over-time after 12 hours £80 per hour + 20%

Child Rates £200 + 20%

Travel/rest/down/rehearsal days £100 +20%

Chaperone £100 per day

(no audition fees)


TV rates based on PMA agreements

1-year TV Austria 200%

Internet 100% Austrian sites

Print Billboards & online Austria only

All rates + 20% agency fee

Flights / hotel / per deims on top /Coach class only


Theses are going to be a very special spots.

At this stage they will air in Austria only .

We are looking for amazing actors for this one .

We will be doing a lot of improv in the casting session.


Film 1

Speaking without words ( aka The Deaf Couple )

MALE & FEMALE ACTORS: to play a mid –20’s – early 30’s couple.

We are looking for actors that are amazing at improv

Our couple lives in a trendy apartment in the city.

In the spot we see a couple that are not speaking too each other as they
are having a silly argument. We see them sit in silence then they break the
silence by
(1 of them happens to be deaf) both signing to each other.

There are 3 ways we can cast this

1.. We would like suggestions from actors that happen to be deaf
or hard of hearing
2.. Or actors that have the ability to pick up sign language fast.
3.. actors that have done some signing in the past
We will have a signing coach at rehearsals

Read before suggesting as we get 1000’s of suggestions a week .

A lot of suggestions we receive do not have requested information we need to
book in a performer for a casting. In 2015 casting directors don’t have time
to call up every agent & ask questions that should have been on the
suggestion. Every suggestion must have a note on the performers skills.

We would like to know if the performers is deaf or can sign or is hearing &
a fast learner.

Suggestions without requested information we will not be able to see for
this casting.

Film 2

I am hungry

We see a busy dad at home of the sofa at home having a business call.

We see his 6-year-old daughter running around trying to get his attention,
as she wants a snack from her dad.

DAD: Actor late 30’s early -40’s (healthy and not too old looking)
(Please stick to the playing age)

There is 1 line in German

Every suggestion must please state if he speaks German or not. If not we can
teach him. Any suggestions without this information we will be unable to see
for this casting

DAUGHTER: playing age 6 -8 (older if they can play younger)

Only suggest your very best child actors. This is not a modeling job .

Think of the sort of sprit of child from the movie Little Miss Sunshine .

This does not mean she needs to look like her!

Don’t suggest shy children or children that are not child actors.

MOTHER: Late 30’s –early 40’s (please stick to the playing ages)

Please email suggestions to [email protected]

Please read the brief fully before suggesting.

Subject line: Spot number / role name. Once again don’t forget the request

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