Diane Kruger harbours modelling soft spot

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The 39-year-old star initially wanted to be a dancer, but when an injury put paid to that she shifted her focus to modelling. She moved from her native Germany to France after representing her country in a contest and went on to work for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Christian Dior. Even though she’s now more about acting, it’s not something she’ll ever forget.

“I’ve always been impressed by the art and beauty of fashion and that world. I enjoy doing photoshoots from time to time because that’s where I got my start in the business. I’ve also been very lucky to get to know Karl Lagerfeld and he’s been a good friend and a huge influence on me,” she explained to British magazine Hello!

Her love of fashion means Diane does something different to many other Hollywood stars; she dresses herself. She did try teaming up with a stylist at one point, but it wasn’t for her.

“No. When I first become known in Hollywood, I had stylists find clothes for me but I never liked the way I looked. I have my own style and I try to look for outfits that match my taste. I don’t want to follow trends or look like everyone else,” she said.

It seems this has paid off because Diane is regularly lauded for her red carpet choices. It’s somewhat surprising as she doesn’t tend to go for the usual pretty gowns that other stars favour, something Diane is proud of.

“They’re such a hassle and it’s too complicated to walk around in those things,” she laughed.

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