Commercial for SBB (Swiss Rail)

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Fee: see below

Shoot: May, 19th. travel AM to Zürich, afterwards fitting
same day May, 20th rehearsal day May, 21st shoot May, 22nd shoot, afterwards
possibly travel back with last flight May 23rd travel AM back to London, if
travel is not possible the night before

A fun and comedic piece about adults looking for things that are
hidden in front of their nose. We see our parents rushing to find something
in their haste not realising that their young son is holding it all along!


PAUL(Dad): Paul is 39 years old and of rather nordic type with fair skin and
lighter hair (light auburn or darker blonde).
He is not exactly athletic but also not full bodied. Just of average
body type but still like someone who looks after himself by doing a little
workout and running every now and then.

His height should be realtively tall. Somewhere between 180 and 185cm.

One of his most prominent trademarks is his wavy and curly hair. On
certain days it seems completely out of control. Most of all that one curl
the top of his forehead that seems to have a will of its own and bounces
whenever put out of place.

His eyes are always alert and deep but emanate a deep and honest
kindness. They are of green or blue colour. He must be interesting to watch.
A quirky character that has depth and soul and that catches you because he
so lovely and sympathetic and yet a little bit out of the ordinary….please
see photo ref. (we would love to get this actor in so if you represent him
please let me know)

Fee: £350 BSF
350% Buyout
travel/rehearsal/rest etc 50%
Option for year 2 + 10%
All artists fees +20%

Usage: Switzerland only, 1 year TV / ONLINE / POS
including social medias, website client / agency / production, events,
internal usage, festivals
as always for Switzerland, all versions to be delivered in
swiss-german / french / italian and also in english.

Recalls: £50

SBB Reference.jpg:

VALENTINA (Mum): Valentina is 34 years old and has quite a few traits that
give away
that she has southern blood in her. Her skin is not exactly dark, but for a
it’s dark enough to recognise Italian genes.

Her hair is strikingly straight and long. She always forms it to
beautiful and intricate hairstyles.

Her eyes are big and beautiful. But of a natural beauty, because she
is not much into wearing make-up.

All in all you could say that she has this natural looks and beauty to
her that transcends the ages. Full lips that always look a little glossy.

Valentina does work out, but not excessively. She is curvy and holds a
very healthy body type. Not voluptious but very feminine.

Her height is between 165 and 172cm.

Fee: as above

LEO (Son): Please see photo references. 5-7 years old, by no means too old
mature. His acting should be naive and infantile and he should be confident
and engaging. Acting and camera experience preferred. Glasses are ok but not
a must.

Fee: £180 BSF
Buyout: 350%
Chaperone £90 per day
Usage as per previous roles

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