Commercial for SAINSBURY’S.

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In this Sainsbury’s ad we see our hero Gareth cooking the same old burger on
the barbecue. It’s no different to every year, until he receives a wave of
inspiration- to add a hint of Greek to it. However, he does get a bit
carried away with it and transforms into Demis Roussos in a 70’s music video

Shoot: Need to be available for wardrobe Sat 9th April Travel out
and shoot – wk of 11th April. 2 x days shoot.

Fee: TBC


WALK ONS: aged 32 – 55. They’ve all got a 70’s suburban feel to them. This is a Martin
Parr photograph, or a Mike Leigh film- blond 70’s hair cuts would be great.
They’re shooting in Italy so they’re taking 3-5 quintessentially English
looking people to set the scene out there. They’re our hero’s neighbours in
the village he lives in and all classic English roles are welcome- perhaps a
village vicar in his 50’s, maybe a racy housewife?
They can transform in Gareth’s dream into a 70’s crowd, complete with 70’s
hair and bellbottoms…
Must have valid passports.

WIFE (WALK ON): aged 35 – 45. Mary Hopkins? Sandy Shaw? Dana? Dusty Springfield? She’s a
suburban wife that can transform in her husbands dream into a 70’s wife,
complete with 70’s hair and bellbottoms…
She’s looking at her husband like she’s no idea what’s come over him.
Must have valid passport

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