Commercial for MASSLANDER CHEESE for Holland.

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commercial for MASSLANDER CHEESE for Holland.

NB: Attractive ladies please, need to drive..Dutch looks so on the fairer

Summary ATTRACTIVE women for this one please…Dutch looks, therefore on the
fairer side, no conflicting ads for Holland in last 3 yrs

Suggestions please for:

MOTHER: 33-40 years old, no older please. She is a stylish, modern career
woman – but with a very soft edge. She needs to be an experienced actor who,
canpass for Dutch. She should be convincing as the mother of a six year old
boy. SHOULD HAVE CLEAN DRIVERS LICENCE. Slim build and VERY attractive, skin
tones, hair and eyes should be on the fairer side but no white blondes
please, her look is feminine and aspirational.

In the script she is a photographer of some kind who is travelling across
the world on an assignment. She has a husband (who also works) and a young 6
year old son. When we meet her she is getting ready for her trip whilst, at
the same time, having a family breakfast.

The actress needs to have the capability to portray a career-minded woman
who has a soft edge so that the audience can see that her relationship with
her son is strong and caring.

The importance of this is to avoid the ending of the commercial – where she
forgets to drop her son off at school before arriving at the airport – being
seen to be too uncaring. She needs to raise a smile and be a little ‘kooky’
in the humour of it; not imply that the boy has been forgotten as a burden
on her busy life.

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