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REAL CAR OWNERS: that actually own a Vauxhall Adam or
Vauxhall Astra.

Fee: £500 all in fee + expenses

The most important element in this casting is to make sure we find two
people who are genuinely really enthusiastic about their cars and who are
comfortable talking to camera and remembering the odd line. The notes below
are ‘ideals’ of customers for each car, but there’s definitely a bit of
wiggle room here.
Each cast member has to be a genuine owner of the respective car. Ideally,
they would have purchased that car in the past six months so they’ve plenty
of day-to-day knowledge and helpful advice to pass on.
As part of the casting process we will be asking each person to arrive with
two pre-prepared ‘tips’ in their mind which we will cover once we have
selected actors.

Usage is for 1x year and it is just online. Would be client Youtube and


VAUXHALL ADAM (Female): Ideally we’re looking for a mid-20’s woman.
Her profile might include: Recent graduate – smart.
Young professional.
City dweller.
Mostly uses the car socially.

VAUXHALL ASTRA (Male): Ideally we’re looking for a late 30’s/early 40’s man.
His profile might include: smart professional.
He probably has a couple of children.
Uses the car for work as well as recreationally.

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