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I am casting 2 commercials for SEAT Leon –  THEY ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE AS NATURAL AND ‘REAL’ AS POSSIBLE. They want a real connection between the Dad and Teenager in this spot.  BOTH CHARACTERS MUST HAVE A FULL DRIVING LICENSE – it does not have to be ‘clean’ but no more than 3 points

TEENAGER (Male, 18) WE WANT AN 18 YEAR OLD WITH A DRIVING LICENSE BUT WOULD BE GREAT IF HE LOOKS 16/17 YRS OLD  We need a teenage guy who is 18 AND CAN DRIVE but  looks younger. He is not a bad guy at all. But he needs to have a bit of attitude. He is a nice empathic cool guy. Not angry with the world but having a certain attitude as teenagers do. He needs to be able to drive in terms of age and looks. BUT I need someone that is not too adult in his appearance. They like the idea that the boy and his dad have an American/International look about them – they do NOT need to be American WOULD BE GREAT IF HE ALSO KNOWS HOW TO SKATEBOARD

Fees: • TEEN:  -Shooting daily fee: 750€ + 20%. 11+1h.  -Overtime: 60€ + 20%  -Travel days: 375€ + 20% -fitting included in the travel day fee (same day)
(Up to 2 hour)  -Buyouts: 5.000€ + 20% option of 2nd year usage with 10% increase

FATHER (Male, 40 – 50) : 45-50 YRS OLD. COOL FUN MAN NOT CLASSIC  APPEARANCE IE VERY COOL WITH HANDSOME/ATTRACTIVE YET INTERESTING LOOK. They  do NOT want your classic middle aged dad. He is liberal and fun. Caring and loving but not cheesy and annoying. He is a cool parent NOT authoritarian or old school. This style but from 40 years old to 50.  They have to have a driving license.

Fees: • FATHER -Shooting daily fee: 750€ + 20%. 11+1h. -Overtime: 60€ + 20% -Travel days: 375€ + 20% -fitting included in the travel day fee (same day) (Up to 2 hour) -Buyouts: 9.000€ + 20%  option of 2nd year usage with 10% increase

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