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Shoot: one day commercial shoot 18th, 19th or 20th May (should be available
for all days until schedule is set). One day stills shoot 21st or 22nd May

Fee: There are 2 options for recognizable:

Territory: Australia National

Length of Use: 12 Months

Media: All TV & Internet @ £1800 or Media: All TV & Internet and plus Print
campaign PR @ £2500

All edits / cutdowns and versions.


GENUINE AUSTRALIANS: or UK actors that have have a PERFECT
Australian accent. If they are not genuine Australian then they should have
lived in Australia or have Australian parents / spouse etc – they need to be
as native.

Men aged 25 – 50 years old

Women aged 25 – 45 years old

Please MAKE A NOTE on suggestions as to AGE and NATIONALITY.

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