Amber Le Bon On The Highs And Lows Of Modelling And Her Favourite Secret Beauty Product

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Model Amber Le Bon is famously private. Try Googling her name for details about her lifestyle, and you’ll find practically none.

There are, however, plenty of pap shots either by herself or posing with her model mother Yasmin Le Bon who has taught her a lot (and more on that later). But beyond her famous parents (her father is, course, Simon Le Bon), Amber is forging her own career and legacy.

Her fashion credits are high. Aside from great red carpet and party style, she has already modelled for the likes of Dior, Chanel and Giles Deacon.

But her status beyond campaign and catwalk model changed distinctly this year.

Amber was dubbed ‘the breakout style star of LFW’ earlier this year and in June this year, Red magazine held a dinner in her honour.

Judging by her latest initiative – she is supporting the British Heart Foundation (BHF)and is one of the faces for their Tunnel of Love event in November – she’s off to a good start.

But – she hadn’t always intended to be a model. We grabbed some time with her to find out the nitty gritty…

What would you have done if you hadn’t become a model?

If I hadn’t been a model, I probably would have gone down the photography route as I always adored photography, otherwise jewellery design or beauty, as there is something about those ‘creatives’ that really resonate with me.

Or maybe have gone into medicine in some way.

The thought about training to be a surgeon or nurse is another thing I always was fascinated with and loved, and I love that I’d be able to help heal someone.

How did you get into modelling considering all that other ambition?

I was lucky enough for it to be and industry my mother had been involved in and so was aware of it around me. I had just finished school and had no idea how to narrow down what I wanted to do, and my Mama’s agent said why don’t try modelling until I figured it out, and it started from there really.

What are three of your favourite pieces/designer in your wardrobe and why?

A peach Chanel bag, because it’s a classic and it goes with most things that I wear. I love Self Portrait because I love the mix of textures and how fun the clothes are.

I am obsessed with Gianvito Rossi shoes and Cobra Society boots, both of which I find really comfortable.

Incidentally, how big is your wardrobe?

My wardrobe is crazy because I hate getting rid of things, even when they don’t fit, so it’s always a struggle to close the wardrobe door. luckily I’m able to keep a good amount at my parents house as well as my flat, although things get tricky when you’re trying to pack to go somewhere and you realise that what you want isn’t where you’re packing.

I really need to sort it all and separate into winter wardrobe and summer wardrobe, It would make like so much easier.

How do you select what you’re going to wear for the day?

Day to day, it’s really about what’s comfortable and something I can move around and actually live in. I like my day to day clothes to be functional but still stylish, for example if it’s a skirt that looks amazing but is awkward to sit down in it, then that’s not going to work for me. I love good quality fabrics and super soft knits, and I mostly wear black.

What has been your biggest fashion regret?

I’m sure there have been some things that I’ve worn and people have thought what is she doing, but I don’t regret them as I really dress for me and wear things that I like, and I must have liked it for some reason to have worn it, so I definitely never regret it.

There’s a lot that I regret not buying though, as I’m a terrible shopper. I wait too long being indecisive and then it’s gone, but once it’s gone I realise that I really wanted it.

What beauty product couldn’t you live without?

I use a fantastic Argan oil on my face instead of face creams, and it’s the only one I’ve come across that isn’t scented or heat treated and that is hand-picked and cold pressed by hand and not machine.

It’s from Saadia Organics and is totally my beauty secret!

What are some of the harder parts to being a model that some people just might not see?

There is a lot of travelling involved in modelling, and lonely nights in hotel rooms in cities where you don’t know anyone, luckily for me though, I actually love flying.

Jobs also can be booked very last minute, and you find yourself having to cancel previous plans with friends and family the whole time, as being self-employed you never know when the next job is coming.

Family usually understands, but you need good friends who understand when you have to suddenly go away and work when it’s their birthday or a dinner etc. I hate letting people down, so I don’t like to say I can definitely do thing until near the time.

It’s also a lot of early starts and a mentally draining day as you’re constantly giving a part of yourself and creating emotions for the camera. There are lots of great parts to it to though; I know how lucky and fortunate I am but like most jobs the good and bad go hand in hand.

Do you still live in Putney at home?

I live in my flat but spend a lot of time at home as it’s nearby and I’m totally a home bunny, I love being with my dogs and sisters.

My best friend keeps me very grounded, we’ve been best friends since we were 11 and so know each other better than anyone. She lets me moan when I need to but is the first to tell me off and tell me that I’m being ridiculous if I need it.

She reminds me of who I am and the kind of person that I want to be.

You’re sometimes photographed with your mum – what has she taught you about being a woman and also about beauty?

Mama really taught me about being strong and kind, you have to be strong to deal with the knock and rejection in life, and particularly in modelling, but to always maintain kindness.

Beauty-wise she taught me to moisturise, a lot, apparently it’s the saviour of the skin, I still forget to do it most of the time though.

Why did you decide to get involved with the BHF for this particular project – what resonated with you?

I really wanted to get involved because heart failure still needs a huge amount of research. It’s one of the most vital organs in the body and huge amounts of people are living with damaged hearts, a devastating and incurable condition whereby your heart cannot pump blood around the body as well as it needs to.

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