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Shoot: 14th May

Fee: see below

Couple spinning
Athlete: Female Hammer throw
Everyday: A young mother spinning her
child in the garden
The hammer thrower starts to spin, picking
up momentum. Then a new window
appears – the hammer is now covered by a
child being swung by her mother,
synchronizing perfectly with the athlete’s
movements. As they both rotate the scenes
intertwine from one to another in one fluid


MOTHER:  swinging 4 yr old daughter round.
Female. Early 30s. Tall. Confident and naturally cool.
Long hair…She has a glint in her eye that tells us she’s playful
and spontaneous.

See pic of daughter attached and match accordingly!!

Eastern European, Mediterranean, Mixed Race,
Scandinavian, White

Fee: will feature in the film, won’t feature at all in the
still. – £4k buyout / £300.00 BSF

The deliverables with be 1 x 30’ (With cutdowns) and stills, the
usage will be from 18th July – 21st August 2016 (5 weeks).

The online film (1 x 30’ + c/downs), would be featured on you tube
(And any other site client wants it on – won’t be loads, mainly Unilever
youtube and a few other places), definitely no TV/Cinema.

MAN PUSHING CAR: Asian (Chinese/Singaporean). Early twenties.
Relatively fresh-faced – Gap year traveller type.
Confident. Positive. Natural. Friendly. Looks a little
cheeky and mischievous – would take you up on a
dare. Chinese, East Asian

Fee: will feature in stills only. – £3.5k buyout / £300.00

Stills will be Online and billboards in Argentina & Germany from
18th July – 21st August 2016 (5 weeks).

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