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Hero boy needs to be 16-18..must LOOK like a
teenager.It is essential that he has GOOD teeth.

Shoot: Flying in to Kiev on April 30 (fitting that day). shooting May 1st
and 2nd, Flying out on May 3rd. Agency commission included.

Fee: £450 BSF
Half fee travel
1 yr Israel internet only £450
Agency fee included.
12 hour day, overtime one one fifth of daily rate per hour
Taxi to and from airport.
Per diems.
This is a promotional advert so will not run for long.


HERO BOY: Male, 16 – 18. He is a GOOD LOOKING boy next door. Must look like a teenager.
Animated and expressive with a wide range of expressions and good comedy
skills. Lively and enthusiastic. It is very important that he has good teeth
and skin. Caucasian.

CHARACTERFUL BUS DRIVER: Male, 40 – 50. Our bus driver is EXTREMELY characterful. Any ethnicity but particularly an Italian look (Danny Devito)….or a guy with a big
moustache..above all he needs to be extremely characterful. Any shape or
size. Does not need to drive.

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