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Shoot: 6th, 7th & 8th September (one day each) London

Fee: Ad will be targeted at Insulin users so pretty specific. Usage = Global excl. USA, 2 years, All Media (medical trade focus) – INCL. MOVING IMAGE for youtube and website Model Fee = £1200 + 20% per model. There will be 8 still images caught of the people, plus 8 moving versions, and there is discussions over getting the people to speak to camera. It will be simple one word dialogue. The film (edits and versions – ie they might stitch a few of the films together to make one)

Summary: Toujeo is an insulin product. This is a specialized ad aimed at the medical profession and insulin users.

Suggestions please for:

SOUTHERN EUROPEAN / INDIAN FEMALE: 70 – 75 yr old Woman aged 70-75 years old, Southern European or Indian appearance – olive skin. Characterful, friendly, Not skinny or too athletic – Each patient should fit the build type of our patients, not athletic but NATURAL AND CURVY

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