Still casting idents for LITTLEWOOD’S for ‘This Morning’ (Round 2)

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Still casting idents for LITTLEWOOD’S for ‘This Morning’ (Round 2)

Going again on these two, tough roles for the Littlewood’s idents.

The ‘Cap Flip’ boy MUST be the right size: 12-13 years old in kids clothes. If he is already brilliant at performing the cap flip trick – that’s perfect. If he has a skill that lends itself towards being good at the trick, that’s good too – maybe he juggles? Or something similar?

The ‘Live and Kicking’ girl has to be nothing short of brilliant at football tricks and skills – specifically keepy uppies. A talented little football ‘trickster’ as opposed to a good player, really. Ideally she needs size 3 feet, but this can be worked around if she’s awesome at keepy uppies.

The second batch of Littlewood’s sponsored idents for ITV’s ‘This Morning’.
We cast the first batch late last year.

In our idents, we show people “Owning the Morning” by capturing playful
trick shots and stunts, made possible with Littlewoods products and inspired
by morning routines. Think getting a coffee pod into a coffee machine from
across the kitchen, throwing keys into the handbag or pulling off an
impressive yoga pose.

We need talented performers who can pull off these tricks and have a good
mix of looks, characters and ethnicities.

All scripts require someone with skills, potentially with a sports or circus

Casting: Tuesday 6th Feb. 4.00pm – 7.00pm

Shoot: W/c 26th February. Most likely two day shoot,
27th and 28th (artists required only one day though)


Cap Flip

BOY: Boy aged around 12. Any ethnicity. Average size for his age. HE MUST FIT SIZE 12-13 IN KIDS CLOTHING. Really great if he has juggling, circus or other skills that require great hand/eye coordination – maybe he’s already amazing at the ‘cap flip’?

In the spot he will be doing a trick with a baseball cap, involving flipping it up from a shelf and catching it on his head.

Live & Kicking

GIRL: aged 9-12 with AMAZING football skills. Rather than being good at playing football, she must be super talented and confident at performing tricks with the ball – keepy uppies etc.

Ideally she will be size 3 feet – however, we can consider other sizes IF she is truly brilliant at football tricks.

We see our girl wearing football kit and boots, having a drink of water from a bottle. She finishes her drink, drops the bottle, does a few keepy uppies with it and finally kicks it right into the recycling bin.


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