Shakyra Dowling is casting the short film THE SCAR

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Lead cast must be fluent in TURKISH. Revolutionaries are mostly bi-linugal
so please add NOTES and make careful suggestions.

The film is mostly in Turkish with the odd bit of English dialogue.

Art film – to be shown in a gallery in Manchester Visual Art / HOME
Manchester) and sent to various festivals.


Based on real events the Scar revisits an extraordinary conspiracy with
global implications. The context is a car crash on 3 November 1996 in the
town of Susurluk, in Turkey’s Balikesir Province. The four car passengers
were: The deputy chief of the Istanbul Police Department, the leader of the
terrorist group the Grey Wolves (a contract killer on Interpol’s red list),
a former beauty queen and a high ranking Parliamentary MP (the only

In the car the police found weapons, fake passports signed by the interior minister (who
was also the head of police), money and drugs.
Since then there have been two state and one independent public
investigation into the evidence, conspiracy theories and people implicated.

But though 44 senior officials were named as under investigation in links
between the police, the government, CIA, terrorists and the vast European
heroin trade, all those under investigation have been promoted rather than

This film approaches the scandal by imagining and depicting that which
remained as private inadmissible conjecture in the Susurluk investigations:
What were these four people talking about together just before they crashed?
Filmed in three separate genres (experimental realism, feminist noir and
feminist political) with three different scripts ending in a car crash, this
film tells its story from the position of Yenge, the female passenger whose
death was written out of history. The aim is for the film to address corrupt
systems that still hold power, to expose the workings of the Deep State and
to explore how we might ‘get out’ of this car that is the state of the state
in order to imagine an alternative society no longer dominated by

Casting: Wed 28th June & Fri 30th June

DATES NEEDED: Filming: 13/14/15 August Studio Daytime,
London. Filming: 17/18 August Location Nights. London Rehearsals; 7-11
August Daytime. London.


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