Photo shoot/viral for INVESTEC

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Photo shoot/viral for INVESTEC.

Investec have teamed up with a tailor and are making bespoke suits and
dresses for men and women.  Photographer is Perou.

There will also be some cinema graphs shot as animated gifts and used
online,  so no TV requirement – you shoot them as video and the isolate the
frames in photoshop but either way no broadcast.


We are looking for people who are successful entrepreneurial types, good
looking and stylish people.  The creative director has used these people as
references just to give an idea.

CHARACTER ONE: Black Male, 35, black hair, reference Ashley Walters

CHARACTER TWO: White male 30, black hair, reference Jake Gyllenhaal

CHARACTER THREE: White male, 40, brown hair, reference Michael Fassbender

CHARACTER FOUR: white female 35 dark hair, Reference Emily Blunt

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