Photo campaign for an ANTI CANCER DRUG.

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I am casting quite a sensitive photographic campaign,  The campaign is for
a drug which prolongs the life of terminal breast cancer sufferers.  PLEASE
be very selective and stick to our brief with your selections.

Casting: Tuesday 3rd May AM so need options back tomorrow or Saturday, we will
need out of office numbers.

Shoot: 5th or 6th May.

Fee: £3,000 all in buyout in perpetuity .. UK only, all media
(excepting broadcast).



Our first lady needs to have two looks- be naturally attractive , “mumsy”
type in our first shots; she will have natural shoulder length or shorter
hair, be an average size and look fresh and attractive, please see model
below in pillow fight. Also she will appear more made up as a business woman
in a later shot. She will be in her 40’s.

Our lady needs to be able to portray moods, subtle acting skills will be

Our second lady is a mature woman of 55-60 with middle-England looks, short blond or red
hair. A light, freckly complexion would be an asset. A maternal, home-maker
type, as image below


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