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We follow a character on a journey to rejuvenation and rebirth; an ascending pilgrimage.

Shoot: London, United Kingdom 19th May 2017 Main featured boy will possibly have x2 shoot days 1 x shoot day in London. 1 x shoot day (for pick ups) in Leeds  (this and the date tbc)

Fee: See below.

Suggestions please for:

WOMAN: (Female, 20 – 30)  We’d like to cast an androgynous female, aged between early  20’s-30. We’d love to have someone with striking features, and ideally they  should have one unique feature about them that makes them discernible – something that we could replicate so that the viewer will grasp that the little boy character is her reborn, something like a distinctive mole or unusually coloured eyes. Our ideal girl would have a strange beauty to them,  but not ‘commercially’ pretty. They should be able to convey a timidness without dialogue, and have a good physical performance ability. They need to be able to learn the lyrics to  the song and lip synch to them when required during the shoot. Our female moves slowly, step by step, a dreamlike weight to her movement to  compliment the submerged feeling of the song. She performs the vocal  throughout, looking for guidance above her as she timidly climbs upwards. Striking, beautiful (as per photo references) may have a discernible  feature – perhaps a distinctive mole or freckles. Must be ok in water/a swimming pool Fee: £250 – all in for a 12 hour shoot day Travel within M25 will be paid for shoot.

FEATURED BOY:  (Male, 10 – 12)  He is our female reborn, this may be evident by a discernible  feature – perhaps striking features, a distinctive mole or freckles,  unusually coloured eyes that affirms they’re the same person (as alike as possible). He must be androgynous looking (to fit with our woman) Must be ok in water/a swimming pool MUST be able to get a license in 7 days. Fee: £180 – 1 shoot day Chaperone £90 Travel within M25 will be paid for shoot. There is a possibility that there will be a second shoot day in Leeds (tbc) Leeds Fee £180 shoot day Travel 50% of day fee Chaperone £90 There are no audition fees for this. Must be able to get a license in 7 days.

FEATURED CHILDREN: (x4) (Gender not specified, 9 – 12)  The kids should appear to be aged between 9 – 12. They  essentially need to look strangely solemn and emotionless when they’re on  screen. If we could avoid conventionally commercially pretty kids and look  for striking, cinematic faces. The cast of “Stranger Things” is a good  reference point, quirky, interesting faces that stand out. There’s a strangeness to them- they’re dripping wet as they walk past her,  vacant, naive expressions on their faces. MUST be able to get a license in 7 days. Fees: £160 – 1 day shoot Chaperone fee £90 Travel within M25 will be paid for shoot. No audition fees for this. MUST be able to get a license in 7 days

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