MALE MODEL: 30+,  to join a cast of 10 other interesting models in an ad campaign for Primark.

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I’m not interested in what they look like but they must do something interesting outside of modelling. Something that I can sell to client. They don’t need to have a large social media following but they do have to have something that I can show client (photos, video, youtube, insta, website, blog etc) If they have some recognition in this other field that would be great. Most important they must be fun, up for a laugh, creative and charismatic

I’m happy to consider anyone but please make sure that you explain what they do and add any appropriate links when suggesting. Please just suggest those that are completely on brief, I don’t want to just see models who play
football at weekend or DJ (unless you have great videos of their footie skills or DJing at festival etc)

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