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KEN ROBINS: Reference: Younger Hugh Grant look

American accent, British accent. (REFS; Greg Kinnear, Viggo Mortensen)

Ken Robins is an American CEO of Oakmarket Hindustan, the Indian subsidiary
of a major American supermarket chain. He is also Rachel’s father.

He is in the public eye for several reasons: 1) he’s launching the first
foreign supermarket chain in New Delhi and not everybody likes it, 2) he’s
introducing the controversial “slum regeneration program”, in which
Oakmarket sponsors new flats for slum dwellers in exchange for prime real
estate in the heart of New Delhi, and 3) he’s being targeted by the Peoples’
Liberation Army terrorists who oppose the “slum regeneration program” and
the influx of foreign capital in India.

Robins is also a widower. The death of his wife in a skiing accident two
years ago left a significant void, and he filled it by accepting and
relocating to India to launch Oakmarket Hindustan. The heavy workload did
not leave Robins much time to process his wife’s loss, let alone console his
daughter Rachel’s grief, further compounding his feeling of being an
inadequate father. With the added stress of terrorists targeting him, Robins
felt that Rachel would fare better in a boarding school environment.

Will be required to read for 3 smaller additional roles

Playing age: 48 – 54

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