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Shoot: 10th or 11th May (one day) Shoot UK

Fee: Mums day rate £350 + 200% buyout. Boy £175 + 200% buyout + Chaperone. Buyout end of May – Dec 16 – ident for travel show. Sorry but there is no casting fees for the children

NB: If you’re not happy with rates please don’t not suggest. These are TV ident’s not commercials! They will run in front of one TV travel show. Overall we will be casting 3 women. The women need to have great hair and be Model / Actress types. They will be playing Mum roles.


3 FEMALE MODEL / ACTRESSES: 3 Females Model / Actress type playing age 30-40 years old

1 x Blonde playing age 30-40 part 1 Open and friendly, warm face. Mid blonde, natural looking color, shoulder length or a bit longer.  Thick smooth hair, with movement/loose waves, healthy hair

1 x Brunette playing 30-40 years old part 2 Southern-European vibe natural curls, Shoulder length or slightly below Healthy hair, thick and with movement

1x Red head/auburn playing age 30-40 part 3 Open and friendly, warm face, + mature, not baby face. Freckles are a plus straight but with movement, layers and volume. Shoulder  length hair

SON:  playing age 7-8 years old (older if small) part 4 (casting after school) Dark Blond / Brown hair thick and a bit shaggy (not long) Cute, good little actor. No shy children please.

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