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This is an amazing project set up by The Big Issue.

Casting: Thursday 11th February 2016

Shoot: 16th February 2016 17th February 2016 18th February 2016
Ideally the director would like to film peoples reactions over three days as
the transformation of our homeless man takes place and see how their
reactions change towards him over the course of the three days.

Fee: Expenses only – will pay transport Money in very limited so all suggestions
should be based within the M25

Usage: All moving media including but not limited to internet, cinema, tv, client
websites etc, also stills inc. print etc, in perpetuity.

The idea is a simple one; take a few homeless people off the streets and
empower them with the Barista skills to make and serve great tasting coffee
from specially designed street coffee carts. As they earn a living and
generate profit, we can buy more coffee carts to get more homeless people
housed, trained and ultimately, equipped to stand on their own feet again.


BUSINESS MALE: aged 35 – 55. Proof that money doesn’t buy happiness. He sleeps 4 hours a night.
Partly due to his use of illegal substances, partly due to impending layoffs
at the office. He probably works in the city, but equally could be an estate

Also open to: All ages, All races. Interesting face. Based in M25 area

BRIXTON WOMAN: aged 40 – 55. A lady like that lady on Gogglebox with the amazing nails. The
large one with short hair. I think her name’s Sandra.

Also open to: All ages, All races. Interesting face. Based in M25 area

NIHAL CHAGGAR: Sikh Male, 25 – 45. Works in a local bank. Wears the same suit every day. On Thursdays
he gets to wear his own tie, and he tends to pack his own packed lunches.
His dad is proud of the life choices he has made.

Appearance: Asian, Chinese, East Asian, Filipino/Malay/Thai, Indian,
Japanese, Korean, Pakistani

MOBILITY GRANNY: aged 60 – 90. A woman in a mobility scooter. Nobody knows why she visits central
London every day.

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