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Although this is being made as a ‘test’and will only be used on social media
there is
potential additional usage to be negotiated in good faith and more shoot
days/scripts as their client is looking for someone to build a campaign
around – so please suggest your most talented actors (ideally Polish
Nationals but they will consider actors from other Slavic speaking areas)

Casting: Friday 31st March (London)

Shoot: week commencing April 3rd 2017

Fees: £1000 to include BSF & 12 months use on Social Media only (Additional
usage and overtime based on BSF£250)


POLISH COMEDY ACTOR: (we need a genuine Polish actor for this) comedian or
stand-up needed to play our brand ambassador –
He is good looking, has confidence, charisma – our Ambassador has pathos –
he is the personification of class, a Polish ‘Oscar Wilde’ for the 21st
century -and he is very funny, great timing and reactions too – He is in his
30s (all suggestions must be over 25 by law for alcohol) he is interesting,
noticeable, unique – he speaks with a Polish accent, he is worldly, cultured
, sophisticated, suave, good looking, but above all funny, must have comic
timing, great sense of humour, great at improvisation.

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