Female voiceover for an online SHORT VIDEO/ANIMATION.

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The video is for an environmental NGO.

At present the exact details of the project are secret. The successful
applicant will have to sign a NDA before the script can be released to them.

The reason for the NDA is it is hoped the video will go viral and the
production does not want any leaks before they release the video.

Casting: from voice clips.

Rehearsal: Monday 3rd April 1-2 hours. To practise the script and do a rough
edit. London location

Recording: Wednesday 5th April 1-2 hours at a london based recording studio

Fee: £300 inclusive

Usage: Online. x 2 active pushes. it will then sit on social media but not
actively promoted.

We are looking to confirm someone today (Friday) or latest over the weekend.
Please provide weekend contact details.


FEMALE BRITISH VOICE: middle aged, middle class, with no
discernible regional accent. Essentially a ‘modern’ BBC voice… that has
authority, clarity and also comes across as reliable and believable.

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