EUROPEAN TOOTHPASTE BRAND – Online for France and Italy.

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Shoot: April 21st:

Fee: £1500.00 to include BSF and agents fee/person
Usage to cover online use only for Italy and France for 12 months per
country, on a 24 month start. All social media, websites, Youtube.

Usage: No one will be recognised via their full face. We will only see mouths, or
eyes, or bits of the the face. At NO point will we show the entire face. We
might need to use hands in shot.

Please note: there may be further countries needed for within Europe, and if
this happens there will be a further usage fee to cover.


6 X WOMEN: aged late 20’s-early 30’s. Although we are looking for
“real women” they need to have healthy, lovely, naturally beautiful mouths
and gums. NO lip implants please, or botox. They need to have great smiles,
and be able to be expressive. We are also happy to see girls with little
quirks such as freckles, dimples, gaps between the teeth, braces.
Teeth need to be white and straight. Looking for all skin tones.

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