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IMPORTANT: Swimsuit casting in a pool 🙂 with pro underwater team filming

Summary All shot underwater. We see our couple kissing on a park bench then the mans air runs out and he has to surface leaving our lady alone looking disappointed – next a hand puts a headphone bud in her ear, the hand belongs
to cool headbanger rocker guy who encourages her forget her wows and rock out !!

Shoot: print shooting is approximately 25th or 26th of August in Berlin (1 shooting day + travel back and forth to UK. TVC shoot will take place in Hungary between 28th August and 5th September around 3 days shoot but maybe 4 but these are the rough dates so far.

Fee: Media including TV, Cinema, Online incl. social media, mailings. Germany 1  year. Buyout = 700 % + 20% agency fee (this is what they gave us in the way fees we know its not bang on I’m afraid). BSF ÂŁ400 per shooting day. Travel ÂŁ200 per travel day 3 or 4 shoot days. To include all cut downs and versions but think there is only 2 , 20″ and 30″ (tbc) All print media (incl. all new media, POS, OOH, Magazines, intern) OOH,  moving pictures, Online, press, Social Media, Mailings, MMS?Germany 1  year flat all incl day rates and buyout. ÂŁ1,600 + 20% agency fee.  Photo print shoot is approximately 25th or 26th of august in berlin (1  shooting day + travel back and forth)

Suggestions please for:

WOMAN IN COUPLE:  (Female) This is going to look amazing !! Quite a challenge for the actress to still be able to pull expressions and emotions whilst UNDERWATER ! so we need some very confident performers here. Playing age 24 – 35 – people look very different underwater so we have to do the casting at a pool and see peoples actions underwater. For this role the women needs to be EXPERIENCED WITH TAKING IN AIR  UNDERWATER – please add in the comments what experiment they have had with this. On the casting day everyone will need to go into the pool and act out the reactions underwater just holding their breath at this stage – we won’t be using any diving equipment on the casting day. The actress will need to open her eyes underwater and also do some head banging and rock out with our rocker – she will also be kissing her boyfriend underwater before the headbanger arrives. She has a fun, a “down for anything” attitude towards life, and is very bubbly (no irony intended) and social: she is unfazed—excited even—when the rocker replaces her boyfriend on the bench. MUST HAVE LONG HAIR (makes a better effect underwater). Good Confident actress/model with working underwater and taking in air  underwater Good expressions not worried about opening eyes underwater !! Playing age 24 – 35.

HEADBANGER ROCKER: (Male) Our guy should have Long hair and look like a typical headbanger – IDEALY WE NEED SOMEONE EXPERIENCE WITH WORKING UNDERWATER ! he will most  likely have to take air underwater although we might get away with him just holding his breath but its better if he has diving experience or has done underater work – Please put in the comments box if your guy has down underwater things before It is possible to train someone up but you MUST put in the comments that they are up for it but haven’t done it before as we might try out a few  people who have not had underwater experience. Playing age 24 – 38

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