Commercial for SHARWOODS – World inspired sauces.

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Shoot: either 14th or 15th July

Fee: £350 BSF (featured) plus £6,000 (This fee is only valid
if the artist’s role is considered to be featured once the edit is finalised
This covers UK & Ireland TV & Online -worldwide)

Option for Year 2: Same terms as Year 1 but with a +10% increase for
featured hand artist will be covered on perpetuity

Option for Australia: TV for 1 year £1750 (Featured)

Usage: All Media

Ancillary – Use of the Film(s), or stills taken from the Film(s) or stills
taken during the period within which the shooting takes place, for all
editorial or PR use, for Client, Agency or Production Company promotion,
awards entries and websites and for use on all show reels in perpetuity

Usage Period: All media -12 months from first airdate
Ancillary – in perpetuity

Territory: TV – UK & Ireland
All forms of Online – global
Option for Australia TV

* A Featured Artist is defined as someone whose individual performance plays
an essential part in how the commercial story is relayed to the viewer.
Being recognisable is not a sole criterion to being considered a featured
A decision on whether an artist is featured, walk-on or background will be
made at the off-line stage of production.

We have a very colourful, vibrant comemrcial for Sharwoods. We are looking
for a naturally beautiful, stunning girl to be the hero of the film. She is
likely to eat chicken and noodles in the commercial so no food allergies or
vegetarians please.

We look forward to your suggestions.

I want this film to feel like an assault on the senses, a whistle stop tour
of the Vietnam, South Korea and Sri Lanka. Evoking the tastes, smells and
atmosphere of each region. I
imagine the edit to be as upbeat and choppy as the last film, however I
would like it to feel more mobile and to have a little less structure in
some of the camera movements to give
a feeling of visiting that location and exploring it yourself.


HERO GIRL: We’re looking for a woman with a bit of something about her.
Aged late 20s / early 30s, she’s not your typical model – she’s got sass /
character / funk.
She’s a lover of colour and fun, and she’s not afraid to show it. She’s
slightly aspirational, but loveable too – she’s definitely not Vogue uber
Women want to be her; men…. also want to be her. She’s pretty cool like
(She should probably also eat meat, but we can always work round that.)
She’s a natural beauty, who’s not too perfect or model-y looking but has a
sense of fun and friendly confidence. SHOULD HAVE NICE HANDS

Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White

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