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Shoot: 1 day Shoot TBC 18th/19th/20th July

Wardrobe/recall: £50.00
BSF £300.00 (overtime if incurred at 1/5th of BSF)

Instructor & Elliot: £3,500.00 for period/media all cover as below.
Cinema usage 300% of BSF

NB All artists must complete full & detailed declaration forms so that
previous working history/commercials or programmes featured in are clearly
NB All featured artists to work within to Equity guidelines
NB all figures includes cost of basic pay & 12.07% inclusion of holiday pay.

Territory: UK
Media/Area: TV: All forms of TV including streamed, catch up service,
simulcasting, video on demand, Red Button and pre rolls for up to 7 weeks
from first airdate. Airdate planned as 30th August, 2016.
Internet: Client (including McDonalds facebook & YouTube pages) & Agency
websites, PR, Editorials, showreels, award entries, conferences etc.
Includes social media including Facebook, msn, vimeo twitter and YouTube
(streamed and in context)
TV & Internet: Current media to cover 30″ plus all versions (including any
longer versions) and cutdowns.
Internet/Misc: to cover for online in perpertuity & acknowledged potential
worldwide access.
Cinema: to cover 1 year buyout period
Option for year 2 & 3: for same usage based on same or equivalent media
cover. Any further usage for year 1, 2 or 3 would be based pro rata & not to
exceed these figures.

We’re looking for actors that attend a regular judo class and are
experienced with judo throws and safety.


In this ad we see a keen judo student being hailed as a legend by a
classmate for always volunteering first when their Master demonstrates his
supreme judo skills.

Please note we are looking for competent martial artists capable of handling
the various Judo moves with precision and expertise.


ELLIOT: The hero of our story, he volunteers himself to be the Judo
Master’s crash test dummy and is ultimately rewarded by his peers with a
McDonald’s Chicken Legend.

In this group of extra-curricular, after-hour hobbyists, Elliot should stand
out as a tall, gangly 19- 24 year old. Think Andrew Garfield with wispy

We’re looking for someone who is always the first to raise their hand and
volunteer. One of life’s keen beans. He should have a sort of ordinary,
normal look – he’s a bit of an underdog.

It’s important that Elliott is an accomplished martial artist, capable of
handling the various Judo moves with a precise expertise.

JUDO MASTER: 38 – 60.

The Judo master should have a fear factor to him. It should be
clear that no one wants to be the guy for the demo. This needn’t be a
physical thing, it could be a raw intensity. The key thing is that they are
a natural Judo impresario, capable of handling the various moves with a
precise expertise. And he takes his Judo very seriously

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