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Fee: £350 bsf plus
1 year TV Switzerland @ 200% of daily fee
1 year web/online 100% of daily fee
1 year Events (closed user groups) @ 100% of daily fee
20% agency commission

She’s driving around with a motorcycle sidecar with her dog ( a basset). On
her way through Switzerland she gets in contact with different locals and
makes the experience, why the Swiss people are so happy. She will be in a
museum, a restaurant, a swimming bath and so on and everywhere little
stories happen.

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VICTORIA ST JOHN: (Female, 62 – 73)
Victoria St John is a lady in her mid 60’s from an old aristocratic family.
She shoudl be fit and healthy. She travels aroudn on her motorcycle with a
side car with ‘Maurice” her bassett dog in teh side car.( No need to ride a
motor bike as the biek will be on a trailer) She’s roughly 367th in line to
the crown an in a flight of adolescent imperial fancy, very well might have
had a crush on Prince Charles for a brief spell. But that was before she
became a model and style icon of the Swining London in the 60’s. causing a
stir and turning heads scrross the UK with her Twiggy esque figure. The
hapless prince dint stand a chance against such competition, and Victoria
married the Exceptionally handsome anthropologist adn archaeologist
Archibald St John.

Together, the two travelled the world, dedicating much of their time to
important charity work. Sadly, Archibald St John succumbed to Dengue fever a
few years ago. Now Victoria is carrying on his anthroplogical and
philanthropic mission: She is an honorary UNESCO ambassador, organises
charity events, and studies the cultures and peoples of regions all aroudn
the world.

Victoria is driven and energetic. wiry adn slim, she brings to mind Helen
Mirren. She can cook a five-course dinner aroudn a campfire. To call her a
‘hale and hearty pensioner’ woudl be gratiuitously understate the matter – ”
reitired and extremely dangerous” woudl be a bit more accurate.

Unflappable at the worst of times, Victoria meets the self-indulgent
snobbery of her ill-mannerd dog ‘Maurice’ with equaninmity. ( She’s alwasy
said that Archibald completely spoiled him front form the outset) However
little it may suit ornery Bassestt, her British taste for adventure and
lands unknown, or perhaps the last vestiges of the spirit that gave rise to
the British Empire, drives her to the remotest places in teh world. And one
thikng is for certain: it’s not everywhere that thikngs run so smoothyl as
in Switzerland. Appearance: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian,

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