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Fee: BSF: £330.00 Recall: £50.00 Wardrobe: £50.00 Usage: £7,500.00 Overtime:1/5th of the BSF Per Diems £75 per day Travel and rehearsal 50% of day fee Media: TV (all forms), Online (including but not limited use of the
commercial and stills through paid and non-paid sites, social networks, YouTube and Facebook), Territories: UK Term: 1 year from first air date. Perpetuity for YouTube archive.

CHARLOTTE – A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN (Female, 34 – 38)For the femme fatale we are looking for a woman who can command a room with just a walk and a look. She’s extremely glamorous and oozes class. She’s perhaps in her mid 30s with a glint in her eye. She’s lived a life and is not just a pretty naive girl. As there is no dialogue in our film we have to believe from her look that she knows what the two barmen are up to and is playing along. She knows that they are fighting for her attention; she’s certainly been in this situation many times before. As a reference think of a younger Charlotte Rampling, Nastassja Kinski or Marion Cotillard. Appearance: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White.

ERIC & JULES – THE BARMEN (Male, 26 – 32) Our two barmen are the heart of this film. If you glanced at them they could be brothers, sparring for the affection of the same woman. Their one-upmanship is as much for their own benefit as anything else. They enjoy it. They are perhaps a little younger than our woman – in their late twenties, early 30s. Both men must be charming and easy to warm to. They are two peas in a pod. But above all they have to be an exceptional comedy duo, who can really play off each other. They have an almost balletic lightness and effortless control reminiscent of Jacque Tatti or Roberto Benigni. They need to be masters of silent performance, not slapstick humour, but well-timed, and well-controlled performance. Just from a look you know how what they’re feeling or thinking. Appearance: Eastern European, Mediterranean, White

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