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Fee: £500 bsf plus £6,000.00 for Daytime UK TV only for 1 yr. NO INTERNET

Summary A beautiful, colourful food comemrcial with a fun, sassy girl eatign stirfy.


WOMAN: 26 – 33. We’re looking for a woman with a bit of something about her. Aged late 20s / early 30s, she’s not your typical model – she’s got sass / character / funk and beautiful. She’s a lover of colour and fun, and she’s not afraid to show it. She’s aspirational, but loveable too – she’s definitely not Vogue uber fashion. She is game for anything and enjoys having fun. She can be an actress or a model who can act. No redheads as the kitchen is pink so will  clash! She should be able to use chopsticks! Women want to be her; men…. also want to be her. She’s pretty cool like that. Happy to eat MEAT!

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