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We are looking for a fabulous drummer for this one. So please only suggest guys who can really drum and also love to drum!!

Summary: We are looking for GOOD LOOKING DRUMMERS

Casting: London on Tuesday 23rd May. Callbacks 24th/25th May

Shoot: Belgium, United Kingdom.  Drummer needs to be available between 28th May and June 2nd for  the recording of the soundtack + revisions. Travel to location on June 7  Fitting June 7 in Brussels Shoot June 9 in Brussels Travel back June 10



HIGHLY SKILLED GOOD LOOKING MALE DRUMMER: Male, 21 – 45.   Our good looking /handsome drummer as well as having mad drumming skills – which we know he has, our hero must be the charming next door guy that we’d all like to have as our buddy. He is a likeable handsomely real guy that we- me can connect with in a very immediate way. He should be able to twirl that drumstick with real skill and aplomb.

Our hero needs to be approachable and still somewhat good-looking. Memorable and charismatic enough to make the performance riveting and surprising precisely because we don’t expect THAT guy to actually be THAT good. We’re in a fantasy after all, so the more contrast we can create between our expectations of our hero and what he imagines himself to be abel to do, the funnier things will be.

He has something that draws you to him, a light in the eyes in addition to one of the most enviable talents on earth.


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