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Casting: Friday 16th June. PM

Shoot: between 27th June and 4th July (Likely to be 29th
and 30th but still tbc)

A really fun and exciting Duracell spot set in the Star Wars universe of
kids imagination. Our two heroes play as Rey and Poe from A Force Awakens
and use Duracell batteries to power their light sabres, BB-8 and other Star
Wars toys.


KOREAN BOY: aged around 9 to a (young looking) 12. MUST BE KOREAN OR

We’re looking for a nine-year-old Korean boy, brunette, with adventure in
his big brown eyes. A brave, rugged kid, streaked with independence, who can
make any game fun.

He’s set up an elaborate game, and him and his BB-8 need to defeat the
Stormtroopers and get to safety.

He’s a fun, vibrant, imaginative child, who would rather run around and play
than sit around playing video games.

Hoping for some more ideas for our ‘Asian’ Poe. HE MUST BE OF KOREAN OR PART

Age can be a little more open than before, but he must appear young enough
to be playing with (albeit cool Star Wars) toys.


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