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Commercial for CONFECTIONARY – 1 x 30” cutdowns, versions & edits amendments to product & offers stills & lifts.

Shoot: 20th April – Wardrobe 25th April – Wardrobe 27th April –
Shoot 28th April – Shoot 29th April – Weather hold 30th April – Weather hold

Fee: Campaign: 1 x 30” TV ad (cutdowns, alternative edits and amendments to
product and offer) stills and lifts from the TVC and Making Of

Child BSF £180 for 10 hour day inc 1 hour break
Child recall fee £50
Child wardrobe call £40
Chaperone £80
Travel days (if required & agreed) at £90
Any agreed rehearsal days at £90 for a full day

Primary Usage:
Usage to cover all forms of TV (terrestrial, satellite, mobile) Video On
Demand, All forms of Internet (including but not limited to social media and
pre-rolls) and cinema

Corporate use:

Territory: UK and ROI (worldwide for Internet and corporate use).

Primary usage for 1 year. Corporate use shall be in perpetuity.

An all inclusive usage buyout fee for Initial Term Option: £2,160

Option Terms:
a) 100% of BSF ie a further £180 for child should a longer edit be made for
online purposes for 1 year.

b) Option to extend primary usage for year 2 plus 10% at the same rates as
initial year 1 usage fees.

c) Option to extend year 2 for year 3 plus 10% at the same rates as year 2
usage fees.

d) Overseas fees based on PMA rates on a BSF of £180

For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that the Campaign does not air or
the artist is edited out entirely from the Campaign then no usage payments
will be due.

Please send suggestions as soon as possible closing at 1pm today.

All suggestions need to available to cast tomorrow Saturday 9th April 2016.

Licensing time for children: 10 days maximum
Please include age & licensing time when sending suggestions


TEENAGE BOY WITH BIG HAIR: aged 14 – 15. He should have big hair and lots of it
Good Skin, Good Teeth. Typical teenage boy he suffers from random yet constant sleep attacks. He
likes listening to music with his headphones on or being on his computer.

BOY: 6 – 8. Lots of character
Bit of a cheeky chap
Confident and fun
Should have all his teeth.

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