Commercial for a SUPERMARKET.

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Shoot: week of the 1st May

Shooting location: UK

Fee: No Audition fees / No call Back Fees Rates: £180 p/day for each kid Buyout TBC £1.5k Chaperone: £70 p/shoot day License App fee: £25 per application UK TV (3 months) 6 months usage for the below channels: a.. VOD b.. Pres  c.. Social  d.. PPC/SEO  e.. PR  f.. BTS  g.. Radio  h.. DM  i.. Editorial  j.. (Rates includes agency fee)

Suggestion please for:

MALE SAME SEX COUPLE: Looking for a same sex couple Male Age 16-18 suggestions must still be in some form of education Happy to consider actors who may have a partner not within the industry as  long as they are in the age bracket & also in education. In the spot we will just seen the couple holding hands.

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