Commercial for a FAMOUS SOFT DRINK

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Fees £250 per 12 hour shoot day GBP

Rehearsals / Down / fitting / travel days £175 per day GBP


Buyout if used in final spot $50,000 IN USD

ALL AUDIOVISUAL MEDIA WW 1 YEAR (FOR THE TVC) Time period initiates from
date of first use. (without considering research phase if this is previous
to the first AIRING day) If the commercial is not finally aired the rights
won’t be paid. EXLUSIVITY: Hero talent should be hired for exclusive use
within the CSD (Carbonated soft-drink) beverage category, for the first year
before airing. Both guy and bartender are hero talent. Please deliver a list
with contact details of each talent/model and info about exclusivity+URs
added on each commercial guideline. In case of further years of image use
buyouts would be 110% of the initial one for the second year of usage, 120%
for the third one and so on, as internationally stated.


All media.?Media MUST be defined by the below definitions, except where
otherwise prevented by local law or collective bargaining agreements,

1. Broadcast TV Media: All forms of Pay TV, free-to-air TV, network TV,
cable TV, satellite TV, digital or analog.

2. Closed Circuit TV Media: Video on demand, in-flight media channels.

3. Exhibition: All forms of exhibition including trade shows, sales
meetings, Company and bottler meetings, theatrical and cinematic screenings,
free or paid public events, any event owned, operated or sponsored by the
Company, Internally managed display systems including internal telephone

4. Cinema Media: Paid or un-paid placement in any cinema media channels.

5. Out-of-Home Media: All billboards, signage, electronic out- of-home media
and platforms, whether static or motion video, video and digital billboards,
in- stadium, public monitors, public settings, electronic signage in venues
and facilities.

6. Point-of-Sale Media: All media seen at a point of purchase, whether
static or motion video, including retail display, menu boards, electronic
vending panels, in-store monitors.

7. Internet: The Internet, as made available or accessed via any platform or
technology now known or hereafter invented, including via mobile phone
technology, downloadable files, streaming formats, third-party links, blogs,
social media, and distribution via email, TV over internet, TV over mobile,

whether static images or moving images.

8. Radio: All forms of radio, digital or analog.

9. Physical and digital formats: All forms of physical media, whether
digital or analog, including vinyl discs, digital video discs (DVDs),
compact discs (CDs), audio and video tape formats, film formats, hard
drives, all forms of portable memory devices, digital files in any format.

10. Ancillary and Publicity Materials: Audio and audio/visual recordings of
interviews, behind-the-scenes activity, customary “b-roll” footage,
publicity photographs, biographical and personal information.

11. Worldwide right in perpetuity use and similar premium attractions,
retail outlets, trade shows, PR activities.

12. U.S. Library of Congress: Right to donate one copy of the advertising to
the US Library of Congress for their research archives

Versions. Unlimited versions/edits. There should be no restrictions on the

number of versions or edits created by the brand , for the purposes of
cultural relevance, (i.e. unique edits per country), language translations,
legal requirements, network clearance and promotions.

Competitive history No hero talent should be retained for use in TCCC
advertising that has made an appearance in any marketing materials made for
competitive brands operating within the CSD category for a period of less
than two (2) years. This must be required during the casting phase.

Please note

The lovely Anna Kennedy casting has had a few sessions for this spot over
the last few week and has some artists on hold. Please don’t suggest anyone
who has been seen for this spot before.

Over all we are looking for good actors for this spot. The clients are not
looking for supermodels but there is so thing cool & nice looking about
them. Please state what accents they have when suggesting UK, Irish North
American, etc

They can have any colour hair but not to light as this is a global campaign
and theses actors have to relate to all.

The feel of this spot is like those American independent movies like
sideways, little Miss Sunshine , Mystic Pizza and Juno . This could be set
in the Village NYC .

It’s mid-day. We start with the interior of a typical American bar with
different areas: a bar area, an area for dining, another for standing in
while talking or dancing, and a terrace outside. We a guy walk up to the bar
and start speaking to bartender


GUY: playing age 22-30 years old

Good actor, guy next door ok looking but not model . He is a bit cool in his
personality without trying to be. Think the feel of Jess Eisenberg , Adrien
Brody ,Michael Cera .

GIRL BARTENDER: playing age 22-30 years old

Good actress, nice looking , smart She knows how to deal with people. She is
sharp-eyed, and observer. She doesn’t go over her ideas of naming a serve as
a poet. She is confident of what she says. She has charisma. She has that
feel of Ellen Page from Juno . Its nice to see a mix of hair lengths from
short to long .

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