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Please see breakdown for our international astronauts!

Summary In these spots we see our astronauts distracted from their space mission- they’ve run out of data and they can’t possibly carry on until they update their social media.

Shoot: 12th + 13th May- (plus 2 travel days and a prep day)

Fee: £350 BSF for 10 hour day – O/T at 20% of day rate per hour after  10 hours £175 travel, prep and down days £1050 buyout for TV, ONLINE & PHOTOGRAPHY (clients website agency website,
production co website and social media) for UEA for 1 year

Suggestions please for:

JOSE GARCIA: Male, 25 – 35. Karaoke Star, Guitar hero pro and president of the Boku pies club. Got 8 kids and loves them all.Need excellent comic timing for our Filipino astronaut! Appearance: Filipino/Malay/Thai

RAJ SUBIYYA: Male, 25 – 35. Raj is a family man who likes his sports and films. Need excellent comic timing for our Indian astronaut. Appearance: Indian

ALI HOSNI: Male, 25 – 35) 31 (still lives with mom) Interests: Extended family, Panda cheese, professional social media stalker. Need some great comic timing for our Egyptian astronaut. Appearance: Middle Eastern.

MOHAMMED MUBARAK: Male, 24 – 35. Ground Control Chief Mohammed Mubarak is 25 and an Emirati child prodigy. Claims to have co-founded Snapchat. He’s into technology, stand up comedy and sky diving without a back-up chute. Appearance: Middle Eastern

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