Casting Title Father’s day video

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Casting Title Father’s day video
> Casting Information We are looking for charismatic kids aged between 5 –
> 10 who, with the help of their mums, would be up for pulling a bit of a
> prank on their dad for Father’s Day. This will be filmed and will make for
> a fun, heartwarming Father’s Day video.
> As this is a ‘reality stunt’ it’s not about kids being actors/models, but
> kids being themselves and just playing along with the stunt as we want them
> to fool their dad. We would also love it if the kid’s teacher at school
> would be willing to help out and play along with the stunt.
> We are looking for up to 5 kids to take part and will only need them for 1
> – 2 hours. It’s a low budget and typically we don’t pay for these reality
> style stunt videos, however in this occasion will make a payment of £50
> for missing half a day of school.
> We will be filming this in Manchester, so ideally looking for local kids as
> we do not have travel budget for participants.
> Character Breakdown: Charismatic kid
> We don’t want the dad to know it’s a stunt, but ideally mum and even
> their teacher at school will be in on it. Will be a fun, lighthearted and
> heart-warming video in the end.
> Payment / Benefits £50/ 1-2 hours

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