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Fee: Usage: All Print Media, POS, PR, Digital, UK. Fees: We have 3 options, we won’t know which one they will go for until after the shoot. 1 year – £1500 2 years – £2500 3 years – £3300 Including BSF, buyout and agency fees

Suggestions please for:

1. Female patient in mid 50’s (caucasian)
2. Female nurse in early 40’s (caucasian / mixed race)
3. Older male patient 55ish (Caucasian)
4. Male surgeon late 50’s (Caucasian)
5. Younger female patient 40’s (not caucasian)
6. Male surgeon late 50s (caucasian)
7. Younger male patient early 40’s (caucasian)
8. Female nurse late 40’s (black / asian)
9. Female patient early 30’s (mixed race)
10. Physio specialist –  I’ll update you when I know the age/gender
11. Female patient early 50’s (non caucasian)
12. Female doctor mid 40’s (caucasian)
13. Younger woman 30’s (caucasian)
14. Specialist fitness instructor (caucasian) – I’ll update you when I know
the age/gender
15. Older male 40’s (caucasian)
16. Younger male 25-30 (non caucasian)
17. Older female 40’s (non caucasian)

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